Balcony Waterproofing: Don't Make These 5 Common Mistakes

17.05.22 07:05 AM By Anand

Let water drop down because you have used waterproofing for balconies!

Either you are building a new apartment or already staying in a house with multiple balconies you need to lend an eye on your balcony, rooftop deck or top-roof to avoid potential property damages in future. Waterproofing solutions is one of the trusted methods in Houston used to prevent water leakage, dampness, deck repairing etc from your balconies & roof.

Therefore, it is important for every homeowners, commercial business person & concrete contractors to install the waterproofing services carefully & properly.

Now read out some common mistakes that can fall you into a victim place:

Puncturing Waterproofing Membrane: While fitting the bathroom accessories, your contractor may hit a nail or drill a hole into the waterproofing membrane making it worthless by puncturing it completely. So, it’s better to hire professional waterproofing contractorsto do such types of job.

Ignoring Signs of Leakage: When you go into your roof-deck or just sit in the balcony, if you see a water leakage without a rainfall, it's time to call for an emergency balcony waterproofing services.

Doing DIY Job- Nearly 60% people first try to become plumbing expert to deal with water leakage issues by own but let us tell you that waterproofing is a tricky operation that requires experience, knowledge and professional tools.

Choosing an Inexperienced Company – An “affordable waterproofing contractors” can attract many customers but it can’t promise you a qualitative waterproofing work. Not every contractor are same not your waterproofing needs can be the same, therefore always check the background of the company before hiring them. Houston Waterproofing is one of the reliable companies to approach for balcony waterproofing Houston.

Insufficient Sloping: You might be aware of that the waterproofing areas or system should not be exposed to the water for a longer time as it can degrade the waterproofing membrane. To avoid the leaking balcony repairs, you need to have proper slope to drain the water out of the balcony enough and prevent stagnant water. You can meet balcony waterproofing contractor in Houston here.

Older Pipes & Penetration: It is advised that the water pipes of your bathroom or kitchen should get replace in every 3-5 years to avoid the sudden water leakage. With the continue usage & passing of water, it gets weak from the joints.

When You Need a Balcony Waterproofing Houston Services?

In the city like Houston, climate keeps changing from extreme hotness to the sudden rainfall. In this picture, our balconies remain the most affected part to the ravages of the weather. So here are some signs that indicate the need of emergency waterproofing contractors;

Tiny cracks in the balcony.

Water stains and formation of moulds.

Roof water leakage.

Paint wearing off.

Dampness & quirky smell.

For a healthy balcony it is important to dispel water out of your balcony and this you can do only with the help of professional waterproofing services.

In order to proceed with the balcony waterproofing, it is crucial to evaluate the reason, existing conditions and then finding the right solutions. Therefore it is highly important to find the suitable waterproofing contractors in Houston to meet the comfort and protection of your house. Visit Houston Waterproofing Company for the best balcony repair services.


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