Bathroom waterproofing mistakes to avoid

17.01.22 10:41 AM By Ganesh

People really invest a lot in the interior of the bathroom these days. But, what is the whole point of making a luxury bathroom if there are leakages, wall flaking, bathroom percolation, and so on? So, to have a great experience in the bathroom we need to ensure that we do not face the aforementioned problems. Thus, we hire specialists for waterproofing in Houston to remove all these issues.

Waterproofing contractors look into the root cause of the problem and suggest appropriate solutions so that you never have to face the problem again. They are well-equipped with the latest tools and technologies that can solve any serious concern related to your bathroom leakage, dampness, etc.

However, while waterproofing, we ignore some crucial factors that lead to worsening the problem. Here listed are the top 7 Bathroom waterproofing mistakes that one can avoid:

Assigning the job:

We need to ensure that we give the job to licensed and professional contractors in Houston who know their job well. People even start doing the waterproofing by themselves which must be done by following the datasheet provided for waterproofing material and the instructions for application.

Floor not primed:

The floor can be made from cement or cement fiberboards. But, one needs to make sure that before joining the waterproofing material, the floor has to be ready and primed effectively.

Time to dry:

Before putting tiles on any type of bedding on the waterproofing, we have to give enough time for the waterproofing membrane to dry.

Damaged sealing:

There are wall insertions like shower or bathtubs in a bathroom for which we need to apply a sealant around them. However, a damaged sealing or wrong sealant will lead to the dripping of water. So, to avoid such problems and to save money, a selection of quality sealants is a must.


There is a possibility that while fixing the tiles, the tiler can apply the wrong type of adhesive which will eventually lead to leakage. So, while waterproofing in Houston, we have to check for the correct adhesives while tiling.

Pressure test:

It is better to cross-check that the plumber did a pressure test on all the water pipes. For this, one has to leave the pipes for 24 hours underwater pressure. The plumber does a thorough check for any leaks because even the slightest hole in the wall will cause problems like water dripping and the area around it will be drenched.

Incorrect selection of tile:

Nowadays, tiles are available in many options and glass tiles are in trend. They are mesh-mounted. But, here one should not overlook the quality of mesh as that may increase your leakage problems.

All in all, rather than repairing the defect later and wasting a lot of money over it, it is better to incorporate changes during the initial stage of the problem. So, let's take Houston waterproofing seriously and avoid all the waterproofing mistakes.


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