Residential Waterproofing Services

Bad construction quality and the absence of waterproofing measures are the main reasons behind water seepage and leakage problems in most Houston homes. The best time to get the residential waterproofing services in Houston for your house is when it is still in the building stage. However, it is never too late to rectify your mistake and we will be with you every step of the way to make your house leakage-proof.

Damage caused because of water leakages can be a costly affair. To repair and coat different areas of a house like a balcony, deck, patio, or roof, a waterproofing contractor must have proper equipment and skill set required for installation. Luckily, Houston Waterproofing Company carries all required skills, technology & contractors. Reach us today to waterproof your home!

Best Residential Waterproofing Contractors in Houston

Moisture can be an issue that has to be dealt with quickly. Mold and mildew can grow in a damp basement which will trigger allergies and asthma in some people. Even worse, excess moisture can lead to damaging structures - costing money to repair. Let waterproofing contractors in Houston help you get your home back up-to-code by providing custom waterproofing solutions. We offer wide range of residential waterproofing services mentioned below;

Roof Waterproofing-Nothing can stop rain but our roof waterproofing services in Houston that will leave your home better than before. Houston Waterproofing Company provides cutting-edge roofing services to the residential homeowners in Houston. Whether you need a new coating roof, roof replacement, shingles installation, metal roofing or roof deck waterproofing, our comprehensive waterproofing and caulking services are sure to improve the integrity of your new or existing structure - extending its life.

Basement Waterproofing-Damp and cold are two of the most popular descriptions homeowners give when describing their basements. From insects to molds, they come with many consequences including pest infestations, leaking wall surfaces, rotting structure, and even mold spores in your breath. That’s why basement waterproofing solutions from waterproofing companies in Houston can make all the difference! From combating mold-prone basements to making homes more energy-friendly - there are many ways that we can transform your property so it looks new again.

Balcony Waterproofing-Two decades of expertise has made us experts at balcony waterproofing services for buildings and homes in Houston. Whether it is a new construction project or repairing an old balcony, no other waterproofing systems bonds and protects like ours. Our balcony waterproofing contractors offers great waterproofing services such as proper sealants and coatings to horizontal concrete surfaces such as balconies, pedestrian decks, and walkways so you can avoid water-related catastrophes.

Deck Waterproofing-Services like water leak repair will protect your home against water damage. Our waterproofing contractors offer roof protection for new construction, commercial buildings, and specialty projects such as garden systems. With the use of a waterproof deck system, we waterproof your home against leaks in breezeways, stair landings, pool areas, patios, and decks. And if you're using plywood or concrete as substrate material for this service - no problem! Just contact one of our best residential waterproofing contractors in Houston.

Why Use waterproofing contractors For Balcony Repair in Houston?

Houston waterproofing contractors will help you diagnose the problem and resolve the leakage problems with expert knowledge, the latest tools, and the best quality products. We can do Sump pumps installation, Mold removal, Foundation repairs, Gutter installation & other residential waterproofing services at affordable prices.

A leaking roof or deck can even pose a threat to the basement and foundation of your house. Why take the risk of damaging your beautiful house when you can fix it with the help of our contractors?

Just give us a call for any of your waterproofing needs. We will provide the best quality waterproofing and coating services for roofs, balcony repairs, deck, patio, deck coating, etc.

For coating, we have an extensive choice of textures, colors, and a variety of patterns. We ensure durable safety for balconies, roofs, decks, and patios with our top-notch waterproofing materials.

We are committed to:

Deliver on time

Amazing finish to balconies, roofs, decks, patios

Cost-effective services

We, at Houston waterproofing, are renowned for providing coating and waterproofing services for residential services with great customer service, finest quality workmanship at affordable prices.

From minor to severe leaks, repairs, or coating services, we are here just a call away.

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